SD Early Goose Take Getting Close

It’s time to get out into the field, or at least time to start scouting

Load up the BB shot and brush up the hunting blinds, because South Dakota’s August Management Take for Canada geese gets underway on Aug. 15 and runs through the rest of the month.

Hunters can take 15 Canada geese daily, and there is no possession limit. Hunting, which is only in specific eastern South Dakota counties, begins one-half hour before sunrise and goes until sunset.

Aside from being able to get out so early in the year, the August Take is wonderful because hunters can donate their geese to the Sportsmen Against Hunger. Geese taken in the August Take through Sept. 19 may be donated to these participating processors for free: Go to list here.

Last year, South Dakota hunters harvested 20,671 Canada geese, which was about 2,000 more than 2013. Part of that could be attributed to the late spring last year, but the August Take started in 2010 and, aside from 2013, hunters have harvested more than 20,500 Canada geese annually. The 2012 season was the high at 36,757 taken.

The season is a good time to go out and get some scouting done not only for a hunt but to start seeing which ponds are holding ducks. It’s also good to brush off the decoys and get all your waterfowl equipment ready for the upcoming season.

Below is a column about my favorite August Take hunt. Myself and my hunting partner shot 16 geese one morning, and nine of the honkers were banded, which brings up another good point: It’s always fun to have more chances at harvesting banded waterfowl. August is a good time for that.

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Have you been seeing any birds flying yet? How about feeding in small-grain fields? What are your plans to get out for the August Take?

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